Our precautions with the COVID-19

Dear Family and Friends, 

With the heightened awareness and concern over the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have taken additional steps to prevent its spread at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes in Plainfield/Crest Hill, Romeoville and Goodale Memorial Chapel in Lockport.  We realize how important the visitation, memorial and funeral services are to families and those who wish to comfort families, celebrate life and pay final respects. We have taken as many precautions as we can to ensure the safety of those visiting us as we can. 

Upon request, Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes can record and video stream visitation/memorial services, funeral masses and cemetery services. 

Here are some of the many precautions we have taken at a heightened level: 

  • We are regularly disinfecting any door handles, knobs, push panels or other entry surfaces. 
  • We have a regular supply and locations of disinfectant lotion and soap at the entrance to our gathering spaces, chapels, and restrooms. 
  • We have provided ample space for “social-distancing” in any lines or seating space in our chapels. 
  • Every flat surface is being regularly addressed with disinfectant cleanser or polish throughout the day and evening. 
  • All of our furniture and chairs are wiped down continuously with anti-bacterial hygienic cleansers, mists or other treatments to ensure disinfectant surfaces. 
  • Our staff is welcoming all of our families and guests with a non-physical contact gesture (this is a hard one but we understand how important it is, and encourage everyone to do the same) 
  • We have advised our entire staff to immediately alert us if they feel symptomatic of this virus or any other, so they can immediately recuse themselves from any contact. 
  • If any family or guests are feeling any symptoms, we know families will understand the need for them not to be in a public space. We encourage you to go to our website https://www.anderson-goodale.com/obituaries/obituary-listings or to our Facebook page where nearly every obituary is posted https://www.facebook.com/Anderson-Goodale-Memorial-Homes-104327287644485 and take advantage of the memorial tribute wall or leave a Facebook post with your message of comfort. Families will understand and appreciate your comforting messages. 

We are fully dedicated to taking care of each other during this especially difficult time in our communities. We fully grasp the need for extra caution. If we can answer any questions or be of any additional help, please contact us at https://www.anderson-goodale.com/contact/contact-us

Together we can comfort families and one another! 

The Anderson-Goodale Family & Staff 

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Richard Anderson, Owner and Director of Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes states it clearly, “Death is difficult”. No one likes to spend time thinking about their mortality or the mortality of close family and friends. 

The overwhelming majority of our guests attend wakes and services at  our Memorial Chapels without ever thinking about what it feels like to enter the same building to make arrangements for a loved one or even for themselves. Every thing changes and it’s a lot different when that visit becomes so personal. 

We understand. 

Every circumstance is different, because every person and every family is different. We have an obligation to make sure your arrangements are personally satisfying to you and that the celebration of your loved one’s life meets all of your needs and expectations. We understand how important it is to listen. When a loved one passes, people are overwhelmed by memories, emotions, as well as a daunting and seemingly endless list of things that must be done quickly. We know the feeling and we understand the sense of responsibility you feel. We know how to listen, and we have time to listen. You can tell us what you want, or don’t want. And you can so in whatever order those things come to you as you’re discussing it. Our job is to accommodate those desires and listen to everything you want to tell us. We’re keeping track so you don’t have to. If you forgot something, we’ll go over it again. We’ll manage all of the details, big or small, they all matter. 

There’s a fine line between being accommodating and being intrusive. We need to be there when you need us and be invisible when you don’t. Our Staff understands how to accomplish this. A visitation is an opportunity for a family to receive family and friends and honor the life of a loved one together. We’ll make sure people know where to go, where the restrooms are and where the lounge is. We’ll make sure that flowers and gifts are set in the right place. On the day of service, we’ll be there to guide your guests, answer questions and accommodate any of your requests. When you need privacy or a little extra time, we’ll see that you get it. When you need us for anything, we’ll be nearby. Otherwise, we’ll be out of the way and at the ready. Just like we should be.

We’re here to assist you at our 3 locations in Plainfield, Romeoville and Lockport for At-need, Pre-Need or Cremation Services. If you have any questions, contact us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Connect with Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

Phone:  815-577-5250

Website: https://www.anderson-goodale.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anderson-Goodale-Memorial-Homes-104327287644485

Blog: https://andersongoodalememorialhomes.wordpress.com/

Veterans are Special to us at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

On the 11th day of the 11th month, America does something truly extraordinary. We honor those who have served this country in uniform, stood watch, and protected the most important covenant in the history of our planet; “Liberty for all”. Brave men and women who make up a very small percentage of our population have accepted the responsibility to protect the vast majority. 
The best estimate is that slightly over 18 million people have served in our armed services over the 243 years of our nation’s history. Slightly over 1 million of those heroic service persons have made the ultimate sacrifice, dying on battlefields in the defense of our country. Many more war veterans have seen their lives altered by injury or illness sustained during active duty. Their sacrifices too, have also met the standard of the ultimate sacrifice. 
Veterans are special to those of us in the vocation of funeral service. We are very cognizant of the pride of service men and women who wore the nation’s uniform felt. We are as cognizant of the pride their fellow veterans and families continue to feel. It is our mission and our charge to ensure that every single veteran receives every single earned benefit their service entitles them to. We work closely with the Veteran’s Administration to coordinate those benefits and services at the passing of a veteran. We strongly encourage our veterans and their families to contact us early and pre-arrange any specific arrangements they would like. We provide a discount at Anderson Chapels for Veterans. Having a DD-214 already on file expedites the arrangements with both the government agencies and the military and veteran agencies. Veterans are entitled to an American Flag, a headstone and Military Representation at the funeral, including the playing of “Taps”. 

A wonderful benefit to Veterans is the presence of Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in nearby Elwood, Illinois. A Veteran’s burial expenses at Abraham Lincoln are free of charge and include all the applicable military honors from the branch of the service served by the Veteran. The burial benefits at no charge, also extend to the Veteran’s spouse. We visit this National Cemetery several times a year. It’s a remarkable place of hallowed ground for our most heroic citizens.  
We’re very fortunate at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes to have the active participation of our local American Legion Posts, Romeoville Post #52, Carillon Post #12059, and Lockport Post #5788. The American Legion is always there to support their Brother and Sister Veterans and provide services including Honor Guards, Salutes or any official comfort the family requests. Families appreciate beyond words the comfort provided and the patriotic remembrance of their loved ones. 
There may be no more solemn and patriotic expression ever stated greater than the words said while presenting a family the American Flag from the people served; “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, this American Flag is presented to you in recognition of the brave and loyal service to our nation”. 
We stand ready to assist our Veterans for Pre-need or At-need services. If you have any questions or would like complimentary consultation on Veteran Services, please contact us. We’re honored to meet with you and serve you. 

Connect with Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

Phone:  815-577-5250

Website: https://www.anderson-goodale.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anderson-Goodale-Memorial-Homes-104327287644485

Blog: https://andersongoodalememorialhomes.wordpress.com/

Anderson Memorial Story


Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes consists of 3 locations; 21131 W. Renwick Road, Plainfield (Crest Hill), 606 Townhall Road, Romeoville, and our most recent addition, Goodale Memorial Chapel,  912 S. Hamilton, Lockport.

In late 1991, Richard and Marilyn Anderson opened their first of the properties in Romeoville to serve the community and Will County residents. Being among the larger chapels in Will County, Anderson Memorial Chapel was immediately able to provide visitation and funeral services for small and large needs.

The Andersons purchased property in Plainfield/Crest Hill on Renwick Road in 2006 that included a home on the west side of the large acreage where Richard and Marilyn lived. They broke ground for the new Memorial Home in November of 2012 and opened their doors to the community in January of 2014. When you have the opportunity to receive families in a place you work to adapt to their needs, you develop a strong wish list for “what would you do?” if you were able to start from the very soil with a blank canvas. That is precisely what the Andersons did. They knew what people loved in their first location, and they learned what they would love even more. To hear Rich Anderson say it, “It was time to move beyond ferns and curtains”. And it was. The new space was to be spacious with more open architecture and sunlight. The Andersons believed that creating a space that Celebrated Life was what their families were really desiring. They were right. It had to be comfortable. It had to be welcoming. It had to accommodate the community they serve. Higher ceilings, more interactive technology for remembrance videos, images and even directional signage. The most difficult steps people may take in their lives are often into a visitation. Rich and Marilyn believed the right environment could make those steps easier and transform the environment into the true celebration of life for a loved one. Having a lounge that provided space and amenities for families to take a break, rest up, get a little nourishment or extend a conversation was important too. The lounge is also designed to accommodate seating for as many as 50 persons for a catered meal with multiple amenities. This has been especially helpful for Memorial Services.

A beautiful sitting area greets everyone who passes through the front door. Every family who may need Anderson Memorial Home are comforting and being comforted by family and friends. The environment we built around that experience was designed by years of thoughts and conversations with the most important people we have met; the families we have the privilege to serve.

In 2019, Goodale Funeral Home was added to the Anderson Memorial Homes. Located in the picturesque, historic section of downtown Lockport, this beautiful building offers a charming and elegant, time honored setting for families who embrace beautiful traditions. We’ve added all of the modern technological advantages to the space to make it easier for our families, while maintaining the elegance and beautiful artful, stained mosaic art glass accents that make this space special. The setting on the up-slope of Hamilton Ave. just above the Desplaines River is as bucolic environment loved by the generations of locals who consider this historic area of Lockport their forever home.  

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