Our precautions with the COVID-19

Dear Family and Friends, 

With the heightened awareness and concern over the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have taken additional steps to prevent its spread at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes in Plainfield/Crest Hill, Romeoville and Goodale Memorial Chapel in Lockport.  We realize how important the visitation, memorial and funeral services are to families and those who wish to comfort families, celebrate life and pay final respects. We have taken as many precautions as we can to ensure the safety of those visiting us as we can. 

Upon request, Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes can record and video stream visitation/memorial services, funeral masses and cemetery services. 

Here are some of the many precautions we have taken at a heightened level: 

  • We are regularly disinfecting any door handles, knobs, push panels or other entry surfaces. 
  • We have a regular supply and locations of disinfectant lotion and soap at the entrance to our gathering spaces, chapels, and restrooms. 
  • We have provided ample space for “social-distancing” in any lines or seating space in our chapels. 
  • Every flat surface is being regularly addressed with disinfectant cleanser or polish throughout the day and evening. 
  • All of our furniture and chairs are wiped down continuously with anti-bacterial hygienic cleansers, mists or other treatments to ensure disinfectant surfaces. 
  • Our staff is welcoming all of our families and guests with a non-physical contact gesture (this is a hard one but we understand how important it is, and encourage everyone to do the same) 
  • We have advised our entire staff to immediately alert us if they feel symptomatic of this virus or any other, so they can immediately recuse themselves from any contact. 
  • If any family or guests are feeling any symptoms, we know families will understand the need for them not to be in a public space. We encourage you to go to our website https://www.anderson-goodale.com/obituaries/obituary-listings or to our Facebook page where nearly every obituary is posted https://www.facebook.com/Anderson-Goodale-Memorial-Homes-104327287644485 and take advantage of the memorial tribute wall or leave a Facebook post with your message of comfort. Families will understand and appreciate your comforting messages. 

We are fully dedicated to taking care of each other during this especially difficult time in our communities. We fully grasp the need for extra caution. If we can answer any questions or be of any additional help, please contact us at https://www.anderson-goodale.com/contact/contact-us

Together we can comfort families and one another! 

The Anderson-Goodale Family & Staff 

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