Richard Anderson, Owner and Director of Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes states it clearly, “Death is difficult”. No one likes to spend time thinking about their mortality or the mortality of close family and friends. 

The overwhelming majority of our guests attend wakes and services at  our Memorial Chapels without ever thinking about what it feels like to enter the same building to make arrangements for a loved one or even for themselves. Every thing changes and it’s a lot different when that visit becomes so personal. 

We understand. 

Every circumstance is different, because every person and every family is different. We have an obligation to make sure your arrangements are personally satisfying to you and that the celebration of your loved one’s life meets all of your needs and expectations. We understand how important it is to listen. When a loved one passes, people are overwhelmed by memories, emotions, as well as a daunting and seemingly endless list of things that must be done quickly. We know the feeling and we understand the sense of responsibility you feel. We know how to listen, and we have time to listen. You can tell us what you want, or don’t want. And you can so in whatever order those things come to you as you’re discussing it. Our job is to accommodate those desires and listen to everything you want to tell us. We’re keeping track so you don’t have to. If you forgot something, we’ll go over it again. We’ll manage all of the details, big or small, they all matter. 

There’s a fine line between being accommodating and being intrusive. We need to be there when you need us and be invisible when you don’t. Our Staff understands how to accomplish this. A visitation is an opportunity for a family to receive family and friends and honor the life of a loved one together. We’ll make sure people know where to go, where the restrooms are and where the lounge is. We’ll make sure that flowers and gifts are set in the right place. On the day of service, we’ll be there to guide your guests, answer questions and accommodate any of your requests. When you need privacy or a little extra time, we’ll see that you get it. When you need us for anything, we’ll be nearby. Otherwise, we’ll be out of the way and at the ready. Just like we should be.

We’re here to assist you at our 3 locations in Plainfield, Romeoville and Lockport for At-need, Pre-Need or Cremation Services. If you have any questions, contact us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Connect with Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

Phone:  815-577-5250




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