Veterans are Special to us at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

On the 11th day of the 11th month, America does something truly extraordinary. We honor those who have served this country in uniform, stood watch, and protected the most important covenant in the history of our planet; “Liberty for all”. Brave men and women who make up a very small percentage of our population have accepted the responsibility to protect the vast majority. 
The best estimate is that slightly over 18 million people have served in our armed services over the 243 years of our nation’s history. Slightly over 1 million of those heroic service persons have made the ultimate sacrifice, dying on battlefields in the defense of our country. Many more war veterans have seen their lives altered by injury or illness sustained during active duty. Their sacrifices too, have also met the standard of the ultimate sacrifice. 
Veterans are special to those of us in the vocation of funeral service. We are very cognizant of the pride of service men and women who wore the nation’s uniform felt. We are as cognizant of the pride their fellow veterans and families continue to feel. It is our mission and our charge to ensure that every single veteran receives every single earned benefit their service entitles them to. We work closely with the Veteran’s Administration to coordinate those benefits and services at the passing of a veteran. We strongly encourage our veterans and their families to contact us early and pre-arrange any specific arrangements they would like. We provide a discount at Anderson Chapels for Veterans. Having a DD-214 already on file expedites the arrangements with both the government agencies and the military and veteran agencies. Veterans are entitled to an American Flag, a headstone and Military Representation at the funeral, including the playing of “Taps”. 

A wonderful benefit to Veterans is the presence of Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in nearby Elwood, Illinois. A Veteran’s burial expenses at Abraham Lincoln are free of charge and include all the applicable military honors from the branch of the service served by the Veteran. The burial benefits at no charge, also extend to the Veteran’s spouse. We visit this National Cemetery several times a year. It’s a remarkable place of hallowed ground for our most heroic citizens.  
We’re very fortunate at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes to have the active participation of our local American Legion Posts, Romeoville Post #52, Carillon Post #12059, and Lockport Post #5788. The American Legion is always there to support their Brother and Sister Veterans and provide services including Honor Guards, Salutes or any official comfort the family requests. Families appreciate beyond words the comfort provided and the patriotic remembrance of their loved ones. 
There may be no more solemn and patriotic expression ever stated greater than the words said while presenting a family the American Flag from the people served; “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, this American Flag is presented to you in recognition of the brave and loyal service to our nation”. 
We stand ready to assist our Veterans for Pre-need or At-need services. If you have any questions or would like complimentary consultation on Veteran Services, please contact us. We’re honored to meet with you and serve you. 

Connect with Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

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