There are NEW mandates, but our OLD way of maintaining COMFORT for families remains in place! 

The worst kept secret in Illinois may have been the idea that there were returning to the mandates of masks, distancing, and frequent disinfecting. Frankly, we haven’t gone away from those things too much, and we’ve followed our families’ directions on how they felt about masking and distance in the interim. We reopened our kitchen (lounge), and it remains open. The moments away from the chapel to get a short break or have a conversation with a person you may not have seen for years, or the need for a bit of refreshment to maintain physical, mental and spiritual strength, are all vital in this process. We learned just how vital it was when it was taken away from us to offer families. It’s allowed, and this area is open for your use. If our house is your house in your time of need, that includes the kitchen. Also, continue to feel free to bring pictures and personal effects of your loved one. It personalizes the service immensely and honors them.  We only have one chance to really say farewell in the most meaningful way we can. At Anderson-Goodale, we wish for you to do this the best way possible. 

Our Grandhaven and Carillon Lakes communities have Expos coming up, so mark your calendars…

September 16th Grandhaven Expo 3-5pm 

October 29th Fall expo at Carillon Lakes from 9-12

If the need should arise, or we can be of any assistance in pre-planning or answering any questions you may have, we’re here to help you in Crest Hill/Plainfield, Romeoville, Lockport or any of our neighboring communities Call us @  815-577-5250. Or email us @
We’re here for you! 

Memorials and how we can help you.

Our dear friends and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one in the past year faced an even greater burden than their precious loss! They were required to follow State and Local guidelines that placed restrictions on what they as a family, and we as funeral directors, could do to help you cope with your loss and in many cases, celebrate the life of your loved one the way you wanted to. In addition, travel restrictions made it difficult for families to even be together to grieve and celebrate. Let’s pray we never experience anything like this ever again. It was truly hard on our families and on the entire family and staff at Anderson-Goodale. Our standard is to provide the highest level of service we can and work to accomplish whatever wants and needs a family may have. In many cases, the laws and restrictions got in the way. In those cases, the idea of a Memorial may be a perfect opportunity for families to have the kind of opportunity to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

At Anderson-Goodale, we can make your Memorial Service truly special, even in instances where your loved one’s remains have already had their final disposition. We can display pictures, videos, and very prized and personal possessions of theirs to enhance the personal nature of celebrating their lives. In fact, a delayed service has given families an opportunity to add some additional memorial items and pictures they’ve discovered since the loss of their loved ones. Some families have even created new treasures to become part of the service; from children’s drawings to even an exquisite art piece created by one of our family members in honor of and in memory of his parents. These very moving additions have made these experiences even more special. We welcome families to include as many comforting items as they would like.

We’re already seeing and helping many families accomplish these services and we remain available to do more at our 3 locations. We can help organize a memorial followed by a religious service at our Memorial Homes or a selected place of worship. With our entry into Phase 5 in Illinois, all restrictions have been lifted, so accomplishing a full array of services is possible now. We remain ready to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to call us and request our Memorial Services. We’re very grateful to be able to provide them,without restriction, the Anderson-Goodale way.

Contact us at or phone us 815-577-5250 to inquire about assistance with your Memorial Service at Anderson-Goodale Memorial’s 3 locations.

Anderson Goodale Memorial Homes – Sponsor Plainfield Moose Annual Golf Outing

Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes was proud to be a Gold “Eagle” Sponsor at the Plainfield Moose Annual Golf Outing! 


Coming Soon from HBO, to Anderson Memorial Home in Romeoville, a new series “Somebody Somewhere”

(Excerpted from…”The premium cabler has issued a series order for a new comedy titled “Somebody Somewhere,” which is set in Kansas and will star Kansas-born comedian and singer Bridget Everett.

Bridget Everett

 Inspired by Everett’s life, the series will center around Sam Miller (played by Everett), a true Kansan on the surface who beneath it all struggles to fit the hometown mold. As she grapples with loss and acceptance, singing is Sam’s saving grace and leads her on a journey to discover herself and a community of outsiders that don’t fit in but don’t give up.”

HBO’s “Somebody Somewhere” will call Anderson-Goodale Funeral Home’s Romeoville location home for a few days while filming the new series, scheduled to start filming in July 2021. The televising date will be determined soon.  

Commenting Rich Anderson, “We’re excited to be the location ​for a few days in this series depicting a Midwest location. It’s very exciting for our family, staff and the entire Romeoville community to be featured in this series. ​It’s a few days scenes, so not very disruptive.  For any family we have been privileged to provide service to in Romeoville, it may just add even a little bit more positive nostalgia”. 

We’ll keep you posted on when to tune into HBO to see the series. 

Covid-19 Guidelines from the State of Illinois

Dear Family and Friends,
We are continually evolving our services according to Covid Virus Guidelines from the State of Illinois and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.
During this difficult time, we are all going through, it’s important for you to know that we are taking every precaution we can to avoid exposure and spread of the coronavirus, while still doing everything we can to comfort
our families who are grieving profound loss. We have been consistently reviewing the changing guidelines
of Funeral Associations, Will County Board of Health, IDPH, CDC and other federal agencies with guidelines
regulating public gatherings. It has always been our mission to provide professional service and sensitivity to
all our families. and observing recommendations provided by these organizations and agencies. Families are
offered their preferences wherever possible. In every case, families are offered the opportunity to live-stream
their funeral services.
We have antibacterial soap in all of our restrooms, sanitizer is made available, all of our entry ways, door
knobs, surfaces, etc. are repeatedly cleaned and wiped down and thoroughly sanitized between services. We
have ample space in all of our chapels to provide for social distancing. Our staff understands their personal
obligations to make us aware of any symptomatic issues they may encounter.
Many funeral services have taken place in our Chapels as Places of Worship have had restrictions. At present it
appears restrictions have been lifted on Churches and Places of Worship, still encouraging social distancing, face
covering, and frequent sanitizing with disinfectant.
We will continue to monitor all of the regulations and adjust accordingly.
If we can answer any questions or be of any additional help, please contact us at
Together we can comfort families and one another!
The Family & Staff of Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes

Remembering Our Faithfully Departed Souls. – February

Remembering Our Faithfully Departed Souls.

The Lives We Celebrated in February 2021

Please go to our website obituaries or contact us for any information about Memorial Services for Loved Ones planned in the future.

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