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Nationwide and locally, we have seen an increase in the number of persons choosing Cremation as a final disposition. We’ve also seen a rise in the number of other services around Cremation, as people become aware of all the options available. At Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes we will accommodate requests from Direct Cremation up to and including a full visitation, funeral services at a cemetery concluding with burial or entombment in a Columbarium or Garden Crypt. People choose Cremation for all manners of reasons; religious, environmental, budgetary, etc. Prices and services vary widely, sometimes adding a good deal of confusion into the process. Families are often very confused about what they’re paying for, what the price includes (or doesn’t include), and what legal and administrative issues are covered and must be completed. We make sure you know what our price includes. We won’t try to entice any family with a low entry cost that doesn’t include all of the fees likely to be charged. We’ll also ensure that all of the regulatory and administrative issues are accounted for, attended to, and taken care of. We can provide as simple or as elaborate Cremation services at our locations in Crest Hill (Plainfield), Romeoville, and Lockport. When it comes down to it, it’s all about who you trust with the ‘care and custody’ of your loved ones. We accept that commitment at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes. We’ll do so with complete dignity and transparency


There is no group of persons that are more unselfish than those who wore our country’s uniform.. Depending on the branch served, it could be Army, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, or Corpsmen. To encompass everyone, let’s refer to them as the Women and Men who courageously defend all of us. You can use as many adjectives as you would like to describe this special group of people from Brave to to Heroic, to Valiant, but at Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes, we never forget to add the term, “Deserving” 

We’ll ensure every Veteran receives every benefit they’ve earned in service of our nation. Many Veterans and their families are unaware of what their service entitles them to. From a headstone marker to a flag for their casket, to representation and honors, including the playing of Taps by members from their Branch of the Service, there are many important benefits families need to be aware of. Not the least of which are the burial expenses for themselves, their spouse and even a qualifying dependent child at one of our National Cemeteries. Among those is our nearby Abraham Lincoln Memorial Cemetery down the road in Elwood. Aside from the extraordinary value of the burial expenses (or Disposition in the Columbarium for Cremation Urns), the honors provided ensure both memories and Memorial. Nothing may be as moving or comforting as a family receiving the US Flag from a Serviceperson in their formal uniform, stating “On Behalf of the President of the United States and a Grateful Nation, we thank your loved one for their Service to our nation”. It moves you every time, because there is no more generous service that can be performed. 

At Anderson-Goodale, we get it and we’ll see to it that every Veteran Family understands precisely what they’ve earned. 

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We are where you need us to be. 

Anderson-Goodale Memorial Homes can be found in 3 full service, family owned and operated locations; 21131 W. Renwick Road, Plainfield (Crest Hill), 606 Townhall Road, Romeoville, and our most recent addition, Goodale Memorial Chapel,  912 S. Hamilton, Lockport.

It was in 1991, Richard and Marilyn Anderson opened the first of the property in Romeoville serving that community and several more Will County communities. Being home to larger chapels and smaller spaces, Anderson Memorial Chapel was immediately able to provide visitation and funeral services for both smaller and larger family needs.The Andersons purchased property in Plainfield/Crest Hill on Renwick Road in 2006 that included a home on the west side of the large acreage where Richard and Marilyn lived. They broke ground for the new Memorial Home in November of 2012 and opened their doors to the community in January of 2014. 

Despite the difficulty and resources needed to build from the ground up, having a working knowledge of exactly what kind of space requirements you want and need are an important advantage. “Having served so many families already in our Romeoville location, we learned what worked well and what improvements we could make to enhance the experience for our client families. It was time to move beyond just ferns and curtains and create a comfortable, spacious space with more natural sunlight and open architecture to offer a more open and airy setting”, states Richard Anderson. He later added, “We’re celebrating lives here and saying goodbye to a loved one. Families are gathering to provide support and strength to one another. We needed to create an environment that offered as many personal options to families as possible. And we did”. The lounge is also designed to accommodate seating for as many as 50 persons for a catered meal with multiple amenities. This has been especially helpful for Memorial Services.A beautiful sitting area greets everyone who passes through the front door. 

In 2019, Goodale Funeral Home was added to the Anderson Memorial Homes. Located in the picturesque and historic downtown Lockport, its beautiful architecture offers charming and elegant, time honored settings for families. We’ve added technological updates to make it easier for our families needs, while maintaining the beautiful stained mosaic art glass accents that make this a special setting. The location just on the up-slope of Hamilton Ave. above the Desplaines River is a bucolic environment loved by the generations of locals who refer to this historic area of Lockport with great pride.